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Integrating NEES Research into Advanced Analysis and Design Courses


Discusses the development of inquiry based modules for graduate courses in civil engineering using data from the NEES repository.

"A multi-institutional collaborative project, investigating soil-foundationstructure- interaction (SFSI), is being used to demonstrate collaborative research using the George E. Brown Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). The research plan involves computational simulation models as well as testing of a scaled bridge and complementary shake table, static, centrifuge and field tests of scaled bridge components to develop improved models of SFSI. To achieve one of the goals of the project, i.e. synthesize research and educational activities, two educational modules are under development. The first module explores the nonlinear behavior of individual reinforced concrete bridge columns and the second explores the effect of soil modeling assumptions on the analysis of a bridge bent. Each of these modules integrates results of analytical studies and experimental data with structural analysis and design concepts currently taught in the senior year or master's degree, to help students understand the limitations of modeling assumptions that they make. This paper discusses the two educational modules and the benefits and challenges associated with integrating experimental research and curriculum development."